The software development partner who significantly accelerates your time-to-market and reduces project risk.

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First project deliverables in 30-45 Days

30-45 DAYS

  • First Deliverables — Initial code delivered based on needs analysis, data sources, requirements and architecture, etc.
  • Seed Team is fully engaged, working daily with key stakeholders on deliverables.

Building fully staffed teams in 45-60 Days

45-60 DAYS

  • Fully Managed Teams — The Seed Team ramps-up the remainder of the Team while increasing velocity.
  • Contributions continue to be delivered as planned.

How Daitan Accelerates Development

We're structured for quality and velocity

Since 2004, we have been a trusted software development partner to clients like you that rely on us to accelerate time-to-market while reducing project risk.

We use data-driven approaches and modern methods for CI/CD, so the solutions we build scale with real-time performance.  Daitan provides engineering expertise in a wide range of technologies, frameworks and tools. Our software development relies on a proven methodology for building teams quickly and delivering quality results fast.

We are experienced at scalable infrastructures using microservices and containers in public, private and hybrid Cloud environments.  We design and implement software development pipelines that enable an Agile culture with rapid delivery cycles and continuous delivery of high-quality software.

Our customers

Get in touch to learn how Daitan can accelerate your project.

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The Shortest Distance Between Two Points is Experience

"Been there and done that" means reliable expertise

Daitan has years of experience with cloud-based real-time systems.  Our experience has applications across domains such as, financial services, collaboration, secure communication, data and healthcare. We have developed hundreds of projects, and have experience with hundreds of languages, tools, platforms and frameworks.

If you are trying to build something, or have to make a tough design choice, chances are we have experienced a similar problem before and will have insights to offer based on hands-on experience.

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