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Automation & Chatbots

Software-Enabled Automation to Increase Customer Engagement

Since the rise of process automation and chatbots, software development has enabled operational transformation; and Daitan has delivered projects that meet measurable performance objectives and create tangible business value.


Delivering Outcomes-Based Results That Accelerate Your Business

Unified Communication platforms are a key productivity tool for modern businesses and have become the central hub of activity driving collaboration in most organizations. The key to maximizing the full value of these platforms across your organization is taking advantage of its extensibility for developing tools and end-to-end workflow automation that increases operational efficiency and lower costs while maintaining compliance.

Daitan brings years of experience working with clients and UC vendors to integrate UC systems with industry-standard and home-grown systems, and developing end-to-end automated workflows powered by NLP-based chatbots.

  • Customized NLP-Based Chatbots Enabling Workflow Automation
  • Integrations to Existing/External Systems
  • Operationalize Machine Learning Models and Data Pipelines
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Daitan Engineers Have Years of Expertise in a Wide Range of Technologies, Frameworks & Tools


AI & Machine Learning Insights, PoCs and Technical Best Practices

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